THIS SUNDAY, JULY 26th, we will worship at Peace Valley Park, Pavilion #2.

All are welcome to join us for worship at 10:30 AM, followed by a picnic, games, activities, boat rentals, etc.

Bring friends, family, and yourself!

Detailed Directions: Peace Valley Park Pavilion #2 New Galena Village, Creek Rd
Near Chalfont, take Rt. 152 North (Lime Kiln Pike) by making a right turn. 
Within approx. 3 miles, take a right turn to Creek Rd. (look for sign for Peace Valley Park).  (Do not take Peace Valley Rd.).
On Creek Rd, go straight, cross Old Iron Mill Rd, look for park entrance on your left (Sign for Galena Village comes first). Take left to enter park and look for Pavilion #2 on your left.

If you miss Creek Rd, next road is New Galena Rd. Take right turn to New Galena Rd., go to a T junction (and the entrance to the Park but do not enter), take right turn to Callowhill Rd, and take left turn (four-way stop sign) to Creek Rd.

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learning & exploration


Explore the Bible, spirituality, & PRAYER

engage in interfaith

LEARNING & cooperation

service & outreach


Community service-learning projects, helping people in need, recovery, healing.


Each Sunday at 10:30 a.m.   

All ages welcome! informal, celebratory, and interactive